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           The producing team, cast and crew would like to thank you for attending Bitches, Bimbos and Ballbreakers, our theatrical guide to female stereotypes. This event would not have been possible without the generous trust of the Guerrilla Girls, a group of artists and activists that has been challenging sexism, racism and other social justice issues since 1985 with facts, humor, and fake fur.

The Guerrilla Girls’ book about female stereotypes is bright and nearly gleeful in listing them off, and we tried to emulate that in our adaptation. How can we take such pleasure in portraying these harmful stereotypes? It is because we are not seeking to mock women and girls. We are seeking to mock the prejudice against them.

Female stereotypes aren’t funny. They’re dangerous. They’re false. And they’re ridiculous. Calling a woman a bitch, a bimbo, or a slut isn’t funny—the audacity it takes to think these stereotypes are legitimate is. We’re not laughing at the names. We’re laughing at the name-callers.

So when you see a commercial that purports that women like yogurt and chocolate more than sex, laugh at the ad executive. When you see a movie that equates femininity with a lack of intelligence, laugh at the director. When you hear a joke about the two lesbians who walked into a bar, don’t laugh at the joke, laugh at the person telling it.

Ridicule is a powerful thing—and it’s been used to demean women for too long. Turn it around. Use it to point out the absurdity of prejudice. Laugh!


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Producing Bitches:

Susan Birns, Raechel Doughty, Holly Huffstutler, Kara McCall, kellinewby, Nicole Pervere and

Dawn Shamburger



Anahid Avsharian (Ethnic Doll Collection)

Susan Birns (School for Female Career Stereotypes, Blind Date, Reading Rainbow)

Gail M. Burns (Introduction/Barbie and Frida, Wife Swap)

Raechel Doughty (Bitch Documentary, Reading Rainbow)

Alexander Munoz (Game Show)

Edy Pye (All My Lesbians)



Raechel Doughty, Holly Huffstutler, kellinewby, and  Nicole Pervere


Stage Manager:

Kara McCall


Assistant Stage Manager:

Ashley Campbell


Production Designer:

Dawn Shamburger



Box Office:

Darren Fitzgerald, Katie Hermance, Jaimie Wallace


Lighting Designer/Board Operator:

Robyn Warfield


PR Team:

Raechel Doughty, Peggy Gallaher, Amanda Kenney, Caroline Marlin, Leon Peters, Dana Rapp,

Natalie Tottenham


Run Crew:

Laura Krebs, Rebecca-Jo Schwetz,

Natalie Tottenham


TV Studio Production Assistant:

Shataya Pride


And Special Thanks To:

The Guerrilla Girls

Katie Hermance

Andy Hoar

Glenda Matos

The MCLA FPA Department

Rebecca Murdock

Erin Runnels



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.