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This is just some of what we consider "High Impact Learning" or "Experiential Learning".  Please use this section to document and reflect on any experiential learning you may engage in at MCLA.

We believe that when you do an internship you gain practical experience that complement the more theoretical lessons you learn in the classroom.

Service Learning
Our students bring life to their academics by participating in service learning. We love how they apply their class content to "real life situations" by helping to address pressing needs in the community or by supporting initiation on campus.

Study Away/Study Abroad
Our travel courses are academic courses that also meet regularly on campus before and following travel to places like England, France, and new this year, Hawaii! 

Undergraduate Research
At MCLA, we take our responsibility to provide research opportunities seriously.  Our Undergraduate Research Program encompasses independent scholarly activity by students in the arts, humanities, and sciences.  We celebrate this research at an end of the year conference.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.