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 Wet Feet Week

 Performing Club Showcase


In the very beginning of my internship, I was given the task of creating a Performing Club Showcase during Wet Feet Week. Wet Feet Week is a weeklong student activities fair that is dedicated to getting people interested in joining clubs and getting involved on campus. The main target audience is the transfer students because this event happens after Christmas Break. The Performing Club Showcase took place in the market place of the Campus Center during the dinner hours. Along with fellow intern Amanda Schuler, we requested clubs such as


-The Allegrettos- Acapella/Gospel Group

-Harlequin- The Musical Theatre Club

-The Shakespeare Club Yorick 

-Dance Company

-Nexxus- Step Team


and a few more clubs.


The performance was a huge success and many students/faculty/staff stopped by and watched the showcase. This was a great start to my internship because it got the ball rolling for me very early on and it kept me motivated to learn more. 




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