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Student Government Association (SGA)- Parliamentarian


At the end of my Junior year at MCLA, I was contacted by the newly elected President of the Student Government Association, Jason Brown, to be a member of his executive cabinet and serve as Parliamentarian for our senior year. At first I was a bit overwhelmed because I had never been a part of Student Government at MCLA. I wasn't sure exactly what the Parliamentarian was/did. After giving it some careful consideration I accepted the position and began working on learning my new role.


As Parliamentarian I was responsible for 

1. Serving as the organizations authority on Roberts Rules of Order or Parliamentary Procedure.

2. Serve as a reference and source of guidance during meetings to ensure that meetings are following Roberts Rules.

3. Serve as the chair of the Constitution Committee and work with MCLA's clubs and organizations to update, amend, and improve upon their own constitutions. Also work with the Student Government Associations Constitution and Bi-Laws to update, amend, and improve upon.

4. Serve as the chair of the Elections Committee and coordinate elections in both the fall and the spring of the academic school year.

5. Attend weekly executive board meetings.

6. Represent the Student Government Association and MCLA at all school and community events, such as the Sam Gomez annual Road Race, SGA Winter Week, The President Ice Cream Social and Activates Fair, Board of Trustee Meetings, and much more.


Some of my own personal goals for the position included

1. Work with clubs and organizations that haven’t updated their constitutions in the past 3-4 years to make updates and improvements.

2. Hold workshops for clubs and organizations that are looking to revise and update their constitutions.

3. Review all the SGA club and organization constitutions to identify constitutions that are outdated.

4. Make updates and revisions to the SGA constitution and by-laws so they are up-to-date.

5. Research swearing-in methods and ways to update the SGAs own method.

6. Refine the online voting process.


I am very happy that I took on this role my senior year at MCLA. Having the responsibilities that this position entails was a much needed change of pace from my previous years and I feel only helped me grow as an individual and a student leader.



Follow this link to my letter to the editor in MCLA student newspaper, The Beacon.



Below you will find a Parliamentary Procedure Cheat Sheet that I made for Senators of SGA and a presentation I made on Parliamentary Procedure for our Fall Senate Retreat.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.