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Student Activities Council (SAC)- Comedy Stop Chair

At the end of my Junior year at MCLA, I was elected to the SAC executive board as the Comedy Stop Chair. This position is responsible for hiring comedians to come to MCLA and perform. This was something that I was very excited about taking on due to having had a strong passion for stand-up comedy for quite some time. The year that I assumed the position of Comedy Stop Chair, I had about $9,000 to work with for the entire school year. This sum of money forced me to be creative with hiring comedians to ensure that the allotted money would last the entire school year.


Some comedians that I hired included Arvin Mitchell, Keith Alberstadt, Brian Moote, and many more.

Something else that I did in order to get students more involved in the comedian's performance was I, along with Comedy Stop Committee, held open auditions for the opening act of each performance. This was a very exciting process because there is a lot of talent amongst the MCLA student population in terms of stand-up comedy ability. Each performance had a different student open for the paid comedian. It was fun to have some of our peers get right up there and hold their own with some world famous comedians.

As a part of the SAC executive board, I was also responsible for attending weekly executive board meetings, attending and working all events held by the Student Activities Council, and representing SAC at MCLA functions. This was an amazing experience and I'm glad I was able to add this to my list of accomplishments at MCLA.

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