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Residence Hall Administration Internship

Fall 2012


The fall semester of my senior year I had the privilege of having an internship with MCLA's department of Residential Programs and Services. This internship was a chance to get some more administrative experience through working directly as the assistant to the Residence Hall Director of Berkshire Towers, Heather Quire. The main goals of working as Heather's assistant was to grow as a member of the RPS Staff and learn to develop skills in leadership, supervision, and administration. This was designed to help me prepare as I move forward with a career in Student Affairs.


 In my internship, the responsibilities that I had were

1.Mentor/ Leadership Role

In this role I was the primarily mentor to the participants in the BT Leadership Pilot Program.  I was also able to help develop this pilot program and help to market/advertise for it.

2.Supervisory Role

In this role I was able to work with the BT RASM (Residence Area Security Monitor front desk workers) staff.  I assisted Heather with the supervision of the RASM staff and was responsible for developing the desk schedule, monitoring desk supplies and equipment, handling the student voucher process, and monitoring information from the Student Activity Log and Resident Guest Log by logging the information in a Google.doc.

3.Administrative Work

In this role I worked in the Berkshire Towers approximately 9 hours/week. These hours were spent working with the Residence Director or in the RA office working on the roles listed.         

4. Publications/Community Building

In this role I created a bi-weekly newsletter for the Residents of Berkshire Towers titled The Tower Tabloid. The newsletter was an educational article/topic relevant to students living in Berkshire Towers and announcements that are happening in the building. There were sections dedicated to quality of life issues, past and upcoming events/programs, resident student spotlights for outstanding achievements, Berkshire Towers Advisory Board updates, and other interesting topics.

5.Shadow Opportunity

In this role I was able to shadow alums of MCLA/RPS and gain valuable insight on how working in Student Affairs/Residence Life has worked out for them.


This internship proved to be a beneficial experience due to the hands on work as an assistant administrator I gained. Below you will find a copy of my reflection from a Shadow Opportunity, A Source Comparison of Leadership theories for research that I conducted while working on my internship, the Application for the BT LEADERS program, and the bi-weekly Newsletter- The Tower Tabloid that I created.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.