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Harlequin Musical Theatre Group

In my time here at MCLA, I have had the pleasure of working with the Harlequin Musical Theatre Group each and every semester. In the Fall Semester of each academic school year, Harlequin puts together a muscial revue dinner night. This serves as a fundraiser to aid in the purchasing the performing rights for a full scale musical in the spring smester. 

I have had the pleasure of performing in each musical revue in my time here. The roles that I performed as were

Fall 2009

-The Human- Planet of the Apes Musical from the Simpsons (Directed by Connor Moroney

-A Pirate- Captain Hooks Waltz from Peter Pan(Directed by Nicole Dunn)

-Bernardo- America from West Side Story (Directed by Larua Gibson and Edgar Contraes)

-Enjolas- One Day More from Les Miserables (Directed by Kate Heemsoth)

Fall 2010

-Frankie Vallie- Oh What a Night from Jersey Boys (Directed by John Hurley)

-A Nubian Slave- The Gods Love Nubia from Aida (Directed by Keifer Ghamel)

-Malcom-Big Ass Rock from The Full Monty (Directed by Jessica Attanas)

-Jeff-Die Vampire Die from Title of Show (Directed by Kate Heemsoth)

-Link Larkin-You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray (Directed by Nola Fafard)

* I also student directed Master of the House from Les Miserables and co-directed Beethoven Day from You're a Goodman Charlie Brown with John Hurley this season

Fall 2011

-Archibald Craven- Lily's Eyes (Junior Duet with Quincy Goodwin)

-Billy Flyn-We Both Reached For the Gun from Chicago (Directed by Annie Hoccheiser)

-Action-Officer Krupke from West Side Story (Directed by Annie Hoccheiser)


In the spring semester, Harlequin puts together a full length musical picked by the students. The active members also vote and pick who they think is most qualified to direct the musical. I have had the pleasure of playing two major roles with Harlequin including


Spring 2010

-Burrs in the Wild Party (Directed by Michael Gerry)

Spring 2012

-Orin Scrivello D.D.S. (The Dentist) in Little Shop of Horrors (Directed by Annie Hoccheiser and Jessica Attanas)


My sophomore year here at MCLA, I also had the honor to be elected as Harlequins Treasurer for the acadmeic year of 2010-2011. Durring my time as Treasurer, I learned vital skills including how to effectively work with a budget (Harlequin's opperating budget durring my tenure as Treasurer was around $15,000), how to work effectively and efficiently with others, and how to plan large scale events. One of the final events planned for the final semester I was Harlequin's Treasurer was a trip to New York City to see the Broadway muscal "Catch Me If You Can." This was a hugely succesful trip with 25-30 people in attendance. 

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