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In the fall of 2009, I began working at MCLA's Admission Office. I have been working there ever since. I was initially hired as the Teleblazing Coordinator and an office assistant. After working in the office for a month or so, I was invited to join the school's team of Admission Ambassadors.


As the Teleblazing coordinator, I supervised a group of Admission Ambassadors during call nights, or "Teleblazing," as we called it (the "blazing" portion refers to MCLA's team name, the Trailblazers). During Teleblazing, the goup of four or five ambassadors and myself would call prospective students to give them information about the school and Admission events. As I was coordinating Teleblazing, I put together call lists, helped the other ambassadors with problem calls or problems in the data entry program we used, and made calls to prospective students myself. I continued my work as the Teleblazig coordinator through the spring of 2011, when I decided to pass on the job to the next student worker.

As an office assistant, I spent time in the Admission Office helping counselors to finish tasks on time. I put together mail packets, wrote notes to students who had applied and students who were accepted, input information on perspective students into our data entry program, called high school guidance offices to inquire about students' information, and so much more. In my last year at the office I also took on the task of receiving and filing the incoming mail every day. I will be working as an office assistant in the Admission Office through May 2012, when I graduate. 

As an Admission Ambassador,
I have been giving tours to prospective families since October of 2009. In order to be prepared to give tours to prospective families, I had to undergo extensive training. But this training was well worth it, as I have gotten some crazy questions on tours that I can easily answer because of the training. During my time as an Admission Ambassador, I have given many tours on typical weekdays, which usually involve only one or two prospective students and their famil
ies. I have also assisted with Open Houses and Accepted Student Days, which are massive Admission events held throughout the year. During these events, the school typically sees over a hundred students and their families. Tours during Open Houses and Accepted Student Days usually involve five students and their families and are a bit more challenging, but fun. 

I have also assisted with other events hosted by MCLA, including one which just occured: Berkshire County Goes to College. During this event, I escorted a group of about 35 sixth graders from Berkshire County around MCLA and helped to show them what college is like in hopes to inspire them to attend college and further their educations in the future.                         [source]


These jobs were great because they gave me a little extra cash during college, but they provided so much more than that. I now can say that I have a few years of experience working in an office setting, a great deal of experience speaking professionally on the telephone, and experience in public speaking thanks to my time giving tours. But working at the Admission Office gave me even more than that. I loved my time at the Admission Office and have made many great friendships through working there which I am sure I will maintain for many years. 

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