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Tier II classes are a bit more complex than Tier I classes. There are many different classes which can be taken in order to fulfill Tier II requirements. As such, I was able to hand-select which classes I found most interesting. 

The following are classes which I took under each of the four areas of academia covered by Tier II classes:

Creative Arts

Popular Hollywood Films of the 1950s

Introduction to Literature

Children's Literature: A Lively Art

Human Heritage

Utopian Visions: Fact and Fiction

Modern World Civilization

Logic and Critical Reasoning

Self and Society

Peoples of the World

World Regions and New Global Order

Education and Society

Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Psychology

Social Psychology

Science and Technology

Natural Hazards

Human Biology

Honors: The Chemistry of CSI


My involvement in some of these classes eventually led to my declaration of a major. Others led to an increased interest in the subject. Whatever the end result of each individual class, all the classes combined contributed to my education in a way which should not be ignored.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.