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By the time my second semester came around, I was very comfortable at MCLA, my new home. Although I still wasn't very involved around campus, I was regularly attending events hosted by my RA and spent more time working on schoolwork and cultivating new friendships.




 (Good friends by the end of freshman year)



For the spring semester of 2008, I enrolled in the following classes:

CCCA-207      Children’s Literature: A Lively Art

ENGL-150       College Writing II

GEOG-245      Natural Hazards

ITAL-101        Elementary Italian I

PSYC-100       Introduction to Psychology

The course Natural Hazards was a course which I probably would not have taken if I hadn't been required to take a science course through the core curriculum, but it was extremely interesting to me. In the class, we studied various aspects of the environment, such as earthquakes, glaciers, hurricanes, topography, and the effects of global warming, and the dangers they present to human beings. I learned a great deal from this course, especially about the effects of global warming. Did you know that if all the ice sheets in the world melt due to global warming, sea level will rise about 80 meters?

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.