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"So, what exactly is a core curriculum?"

That exact question was on my mind at orientation in June of 2007 as I was selecting my classes for the fall. Now that I am just about finished with my college career, I have a thorough answer to this question:

The "Core Curriculum" at MCLA involves three Tiers. Tier I involves the most basic of classes: College Writing, Mathematics, Computing and Communication, and Foreign Language. Tier II involves slightly more complex classes from one of the following areas of academia: Creative Arts, Self and Society, Human Heritage, and Science and Technology. Tier III is completed after all requirements of Tier I and Tier II have been met and involves a capstone senior seminar which is interdisciplinary in nature.


(No, this class is not offered at MCLA...sorry)


Personally, I began taking core curriculum classes during my first semester. The core classes that I took during my college career were varied and helped to spark my interest in a myriad of subjects. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.