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In the Fall of my sophomore year, I decided to make an effort to get more involved on campus. I joined Good Vibes, the school's yoga club. During this semester I decided to test the waters and declare two majors: Interdisciplinary Studies and Elementary Education. Ultimately I ended up deciding against the latter, but the classes I took towards it still helped me to learn and grow as a person. 

[Screenshot from Some Like It Hot (1959)]

In the Fall 2008 semester, I enrolled in the following classes:

CCCA-205            Popular Hollywood Films of the 1950s

HONR-301           French Revolutionary Thought

PHED-147            Fundamentals of Yoga

PHED-150            Tai Chi

PHIL-200            Logic and Critical Reasoning

SOCI-100             Introduction to Sociology

I chose to include this screenshot from Some Like It Hot because, of the movies we watched for Popular Hollywood Films of the 1950s, it was my favorite. The second listed course, French Revolutionary Thought, was one of my most challenging courses throughout my entire undergraduate experience. In it, we read works of French philosophers from the revolutionary period and discussed them in depth. It was extremely challenging and increased my knowledge in the workings of Karl Marx as well, as I wrote a thesis comparing Marx and French revolutionary philosophers for that class.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.