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In the fall semester of 2007, I moved into my new room in Berkshire Towers. My roommate and I decorated our room together and quickly became good friends. The college's First Days program helped me acclimate to college life and make connections with many of my fellow incoming freshmen. 


(Me in my room working on homework in Fall 2007)


Starting off at MCLA without a declared major, I decided to focus on completing my core curriculum while taking the introductory classes for the majors I was interested in. Outside of the classroom, I spent my time having a blast with my new friends and enjoying my new found independence. Many students join clubs and organizations as soon as they have their dorm rooms set up - but I was a little different. I chose to get comfortable in my surroundings prior to becoming an active member of the MCLA community. I was involved in Ski Club, but other than that most of my time was devoted to homework and, of course, developing my newly-formed friendships. The friendships that grew out of my freshman year provided a foundation upon which I could grow and develop into the person I am today.


I enrolled in the following courses in Fall 2007:


ANTH-140      Peoples of the World

CCHH-101       Utopian Visions: Fact and Fiction

CCSS-202        World Regions and New Global Order

ENGL-100       College Writing I

HONR-210      Director's Book Course

MATH-220     Calculus I

The Director's Book Course was a special privelege for myself and about seven other students. Along with Dr. Matthew Silliman, we read the book Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill by Jessica Stern. For several weeks during the semester, we spent two hours every Tuesday discussing the book, culminating in a trip to Amherst to attend a forum with the book's author. To me, this class showed what MCLA was offering to provide for me in the coming years: hands-on experience with professors who know who you are and really go the extra mile to help you learn and grow.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.