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Standard E: Meets Professional Responsibilities


“Professionalism means consistency of quality."

 - Frank Tyger



While professionalism is a seemingly simple component of the professional standards, the responsiblities should not be taken lightly. Professionalism establishes the foundation of a teacher's relationship with their students: if a teacher looks, acts, and teaches professionally, students will be more inclined to trust and respect the teacher.  


During Professional Development meetings, I have learned the importance of collaborating with department members and administration to work through problems that students may bring to English class. During tough situations,

it is also useful to ask for feedback from other teachers who may be going through the same experiences. I've learned that I am able to teach the same lesson plans using different techniques so that each class learns in the best way possible, respectively.


From my own classroom experience thus far, I've learned that it is important to address concerns quickly so that negative emotions do not escalate, and so the students know that I care about them. However, I recognize that I have much more to learn about my professional responsiblities, and I will continue to grow professionally for as long as I teach. Even teachers never stop learning! 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.