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Standard C: Manages Classroom Climate and Operation


"Discipline has very little to do with

classroom management! You don't discipline

a store; you manage it." 

- Harry K. Wong




I have noted from several studies that classroom climate is commonly referred to as the "silent curriculum," as the learning environment requires its own methods to be conducive to learning. I can remember the few times as a student where I was unable to work productively due to a chaotic, unorganized classroom; poor classroom climate and operation is one of the biggest disservices that a teacher could do for a student.


As a student teacher, I have made it one of my personal goals to establish a climate that would enable all students to learn effectively. Each class has its own needs when it comes to climate and operation. It is the teacher's responsibility to detect those needs and address them by controlling the classroom climate to ensure successful learning. When I have my own classroom, I plan to provide a daily agenda visible to all students, which will prevent anxiety and wasted classroom time. I plan to utilize group work in a safe environment by demonstrating constructive criticism and positive teamwork. I plan to work with my students to collaboratively create an environment that would be most beneficial for everyone.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.