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ENGL 372/ENGL 372H: Arts of Medieval & Renaissance Britain, Travel Course

Adapted from the official course website, updated by Dr. Rosanne F. Denhard.

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About this course:

This full-semester interdisciplinary course incorporates a Spring Break travel component to explore medieval and Renaissance British literature, history, and culture through on-site experiential learning and research.  The course contextualizes the literary arts and their relationship with the visual and performing arts, studying all within the cultural and historical heritage of Great Britain.  Our wide chronological focus will span from the early medieval period of Anglo-Saxon culture through the 17th century period of the English Civil Wars and the Restoration.  On campus the class engages in extensive reading, writing, discussion, and research work; on-site during travel, we extend our learning.  After returning to campus, we complete and polish our research projects and present our work.


Throughout the travel component, the class experiences the cultures of medieval and early modern Britain-and their contemporary legacies-through exploration of landscapes and cityscapes, museums, libraries, cathedrals, castles, historic sites, attendance at performing arts events, and participation in on-site research and workshops. 


This course is designed for mature and committed students.  This challenging, active-learning and research-oriented interdisciplinary course is well suited to students from all majors who have interests compatible with the course.   Within the English/Communications major or minor the course may be taken as fulfillment of the Department's "Texts in Contexts" requirement or as a departmental elective.  This course may be taken for Honors credit.  Class size is limited to 16.



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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
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