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Senior Thesis

"Johnny Has Two Daddies: 

An Evaluation of Gay Dads Raising Kids"






Research on male same-sex parenting is minimal in comparison to other groups

raising children (i.e. lesbian parents and heterosexual parents). The present study seeks to examine depressive symptomatology, stress levels, and relationship/marital satisfaction among cohabitating male same-sex partners raising children under 18 years of age. Participants recruited from same-sex parenting support groups in the United States will complete an online survey. Results were expected to demonstrate that depressive symptomatology and stress levels will be highest and relationship/marital satisfaction will be lowest when children are younger. The opposite is expected to be true when children are older. The expected correlations were not found. Post hoc analysis revealed a positive correlation between the number of hours of housework a participant completed per week and their levels of relationship satisfaction. Suggestions for future research examining the relationship between housework and marital satisfaction within same-sex male couples is given.

Read "Johnny Has Two Daddies: An Evaluation of Gay Dads Raising Kids" here!

Faculty advisor: Dr. Sharon Claffey

Second faculty reader: Dr. Thomas Byrne

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.