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Community Engagement Scholar Award





The designation of “Community Engagement Scholar” will be awarded to a MCLA student who is responsible for a substantial community service project during the academic year.  The project work of the Community Engagement Scholar will take place in the student’s junior or senior year.  The identified project must be either new or ongoing and take place in the surrounding community.  The project efforts of the MCLA Community Engagement Scholar are a reflection of, and serve to honor, the many years of community leadership and service provided by Professor Emeritus Steve Green and his wife, Sue Walker.



A $1,000.00 stipend will be paid to the Community Engagement Scholar in a fashion determined by the student and MCLA’s Center for Service.  An additional sum may be available to the student for project related expenses.  The Community Engagement Scholar has the option of associating his/her project efforts with an academic, credit-bearing experience such as an internship or independent study.  The project work will be accomplished and/or come to completion no later than the end of the spring semester 2013. 



The Community Engagement Scholar will summarize the project in a report and publicize the service provided to appropriate audiences in the community, and the college.  Additionally, there will be required periodic reporting and reflection (written and in meetings), public presentations (ex: presenting your work at the Undergraduate Research Conference or other public forum) and relevant publicity for the Community Engagement Scholar Award, all to be determined.



Student selection would take place in the spring and/or summer with the project work starting in the following fall.   The Center for Service Coordinator will also provide, or arrange for, supervision of the Community Engagement Scholar during the course of the project work. The Coordinator of the MCLA Center for Service and Citizenship is available to address questions and concerns throughout the application process. 


Applications are due no later than Friday, February 24th 2012 and must be submitted to Spencer Moser via FirstClass, or dropped off at ACC #308.


The application is on back.


Community Engagement Scholar Award Application

Applications are due no later than Friday, February 24th. 

Juniors and Seniors are invited to apply.


Name _________________________________________




Grade Point Average ______________


Year in School in fall 2011:____________________


Project Title ____________________________________________________________________


What organization are you partnering with? __________________________________________


Who will supervise your work? _____________________________________________________



   One Semester

   Two Semesters

   Summer Session


The applicant must submit a 1-2 page narrative that includes the following:

□   Explains what the project is intended to accomplish

□   Identifies goals and objectives that note what community issue/problem/need will be addressed

□   Explains the possibilities for sustaining the project or program

□   Identifies key constituents and players (i.e. who) involved

□   Identifies how success is measured

□   List dates, titles and description of any significant events/activities in relation to your project

□   If additional funding will be necessary to carry out this project/program, please include an estimated budget (funding for the project will be in addition to the $1,000.00 award).


The narrative should be attached to this form. 


Additionally, please include a letter of recommendation or support of your application from a member of the MCLA faculty, staff or administration.


Applications are due no later than Friday, February 24th and must be submitted to Spencer Moser via FirstClass, or dropped off at ACC #308.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.