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Where this year’s trip going- For spring 2012, MCLA is is going to the town of Kentucky in Appalachian region to do community service at the David School.   


How do I get more details- Contact Spencer Moser via FC expressing your interest in the program.


Is there an application to participate- There is a very simple application. 


Does everyone who applies join-  Depending on the program, usually there are just a maximum amount of students that can go.  Criteria for participating include the application, attending all the meetings, signing the conditions of participation and paying all the fees in time.


What is the cost- It completely depends on the program.  In the past it has ranged from $500.00-$2,000.00.  This coming spring’s trip should be a little under $1,000.00  Students are responsible for the costs.  Students can fundraise. 


What are the dates- Approximately March 10-18th, 2012


Can I receive course credit- Many students do.  You need to speak with your instructor in the beginning of the semester.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.