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Compromiso Cumplido: Impunidad en Oaxaca, Mal de Ojo TV, a film documenting the 2006 uprising, focusing on six members of the movement who were killed as a result of their participation.


You Tube Videos:

  • Arte Callejero en Oaxaca
  • Curriculum Delectivo, Atake Vixual
  • Perro Negro
  • Repression 2 de Octubre, Oaxaca
  • Resistencia Visual


APPO: www.asambleapopulardeoaxaca.com: Umbrella organization for a multitude of grassroots social and economic justice groups in Oaxaca, formed in response to the 2006 crackdown on the teachers strike.


Arte Jaguar, Artists’ Collective in Oaxaca: www.myspace.com...


ASARO: Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca, www.myspace.com...


Casa Chapulin: Social justice organization working in Chiapas and Oaxaca


C.A.S.A. Collectives: www.casacollectve.org: Facilitates the work of international activists as human rights observers, independent journalists and volunteers for grassroots organizations.


VOCAL: www.vocal.lahaine.org: Organization working to free political prisoners in Oaxaca

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.