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My interest in socio-

logy was aroused when I took a class called Outsiders in America during high school; I was fascinated by the way that sociology pierces the surface of everyday events, and examines their root causes and numerous effects.  


Sociology appealed to me because it was the perfect convergence of theory and potential praxis: while much of sociology is analysis, it also provides valuable tools for solving some of society's more serious ills. While earning my major, I was also able to take courses in anthropology and social work.


Additionally, if I wanted to become a professor of religious studies, I must have a strong background in the social sciences. Religion is often perceived to be an otherworldly phenomenon, but culture impacts the practice of every world religion.



Curriculum Vitae: 

SOCI-100: Introduction to Sociology

SOCI-210: Families

SOCI-395: White Collar Crime

ANTH-140: Peoples of the World

SOCI-499: Teaching Assistant for Families SOCI-210

SOWK-380: Women and Health

SOCI-331: Methods of Social Research

ANTH-330: Children and Culture

ANTH-323: Peoples of Africa

ANTH-102: Archaeology and Prehistory (taken at UMass Amherst)

SOWK-340: Poverty and Social Welfare

SOCI-337: Aging and the Life Course

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Featured Work

From Families:

"Life History Analysis"

I interviewed my grandfather for this paper, taking down his life history, and connecting it back to data about about family life in class. It was very cool to see how an individual's life reflected broad social trends.

Life History Analysis.pdf 

From Methods of Social Research:

"We Have Much to Fear Other Than Fear Itself: Anxiety and Coping Mechanisms in Women with BRCA Mutations"

I examed the variables that affected the anxiety levels of women with BRCA mutations (a genetic condition that confers a very high risk of breast and ovarian cancer), and what coping mechanisms they used to deal with their anxiety.

We Have Much More to Fear Than Fear Itself - Anxiety and Coping Mechanisms in Women with BRCA Mutations.pdf

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.