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Teaching Portfolio

During the school year, you can find me teaching for our Women's Studies program.  During the summer, I teach online for Interdisciplinary Studies, History and Women's Studies programs.  I joke with my students that while I am a perfectly fine face-to-face instructor, I really shine online.  My passon for online education had extended to running a training program to help other faculty members convert their face-to-face classes to online delivery.  "Taking Your Course To The Next Level" has been a tremendous success at MCLA and has added a number of classes to our offerings.


This reflection from a student in one of my online classes made my day.   I really enjoyed teaching this course and felt it really showcased my ability to design well thought out courses that accelerate student learning. I was thrilled when I saw the students' final reflective pieces, which included comments like the following.


This was the first time I have ever enrolled in an online course. I was slightly nervous and skeptical at first, but I soon realized that online classes have a lot to offer. I felt actively involved even though none of us ever met in a classroom. I was able to navigate at my own pace and complete deadlines in a timely manner. This was a nice change from a traditional textbook, and I feel that due to changes in technology, it is very important for students to try online classes. As our culture shifts more and more toward the digital realm, methods of teaching such as this will become increasingly beneficial.


I really enjoyed the way the instructor taught the course. We were told of our deadlines before the semester started, and they did not change. There was always an appropriate amount of work; I was able to keep busy but never felt that the workload was overly strenuous. Also, I was able to get in contact with the instructor without any issues. My emails were always returned very quickly and I was provided with feedback to my weekly submissions, making it easier for me to write my assignment the following week.  

Greg B.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.