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Jeanne Lemlin

The Harlem Renaissance, 11th-12th Grade


Kathleen M. Meyer

The Mask: Exploring Double-Consciouness in the Adolescent English Classroom

Lynne Nilan

From Civil War to Civil Rights

Karen O'Brien

Interdisciplinary High School Unit Using the Poetry of Harlem Renaissance as Stepping Stone to Explore the Interactive Nature of Writing, Art, and Music of the Era Download

Emily Olds

Chains and Wings: Limitations and Opportunities for African-Americans From Emancipation to the Renaissance Download

Patricia Wallace

The Harlem Renaissance and the American Dream, 11th Grade Download

Marta Brown


Brian Pious


Sean Conlon


Kathy Voltoline

Agents of Change: A View of the Harlem Renaissance Through its Artists



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.